I’m not holding my breath

Guess why 🐽🐽🐽 I don’t think I’ll go there though. There’s not really any point at least for now. Although I did see a very interesting tweet a little while ago…

Instead, here is yet another episode of, dun dun dun, The Neighborhood Shoe Thief! We were hanging out in the moomincabin Saturday afternoon and the GG was out in the Little Motor Bote. Along came my cousin (once removed), merrily delivering a Keen sandal that looked a lot like it belonged to the GG. I wasn’t totally sure until I found its mate down on the beach along with a pair of socks. I am not sure how our thief Mocha, who is a mini-creature, gets a big clod-hopper like this all the way to her house. I think this shoe is probably half her weight.

My cousin and her fam have probably spent half the summer returning stolen shoes back to their owners. moomincabin residents have gotten pretty good at keeping our shoes inside. We typically leave them on the deck but we learned our lesson early this summer. The McPiedy clan is a different story. Historically (and I’m going back a few generations here), they put up with a mess (chairs, toys, you-name-it) on the beach in front of their Old Cabin. Being of the Fin clan, that drove me nuts enough as a kid that when I walked by, I would often grab things that looked like they might get washed away by Gitchee Gumee and throw them up higher on the beach. I don’t think the McPiedys cared at all and I don’t [usually] try to rescue their beach stuff any more. This is NOT to say that they live like, oh, you know, the proverbial “pigs”. Their living space is always neat and clean. I just think that with a large family they drew a line at cleaning up the beach at the end of every day. In front of the moomincabin, you have to know that The Engineer’s Tonka construction trucks were always put away at the end of every day.

Anyway, if Mocha dragged a small flip-flop home, the place to return it was the McPiedy beach.

Also, don’t leave yer shoes on the beach if you are taking a bote out.

One Response to “I’m not holding my breath”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A shoe thief! That could be problematic, depending on how many pairs of shoes people bring. 🙂 Not holding your breath? The I-word?