Fling flang flumpity dump

Not only did I wake up a little later than I wanted to this morning, I had to drag myself out of one of the worst REM dreams I think I have ever had. It was a Packing Dream and the setting was a sorta facsimile of the house I grew up in, a shabby little bungalow on Superior Street in Sault Ste. Siberia. I *think* my parents were in it somewhere off-stage but I owned the house and we were moving and WHAT A MESS! I won’t bore you with the details. I can’t remember them well enough to put them into words anyway. But jeebus! I REALLY NEED TO GET BACK TO FLINGING!!!

I tumbled out of that dream and started to reach for my phone to check the weather, etc., and then I thought something like, “Do I want to know the news?” Uh, not really. I couldn’t help but remember the morning back in 2017 when my clock radio switched on with the words, “James Comey was fired.” Nowadays I have the radio volume turned down so low that all I hear is a little click when it comes on. 99% of the time I am awake before it comes on anyway.

Fortunately (for my morning, if not for our country) there was nothing *new* in the news this morning, at least not at 0-skunk-30. Probably my favorite quote today came from an article about the “transcript” (or whatever it is) and was something like, “it was hard to tell what Trump was asking for because his side of the conversation was incoherent”. I think it was the New Yorker but I can’t easily find it now. Say what? The Orange Baboon Buffoon is rarely anything but incoherent, at least in my not-so-humble opinion. I know a couple of my five readers disagree and I *still* don’t understand why.

I don’t really want to get into all that tonight. I do not have comprehensive information. I “pay the rent” around here and I was busy doing that all day. I also don’t expect anything to come out of the impeachment “inquiry”. I think there’ll be a lot of talk and then we’ll go back to business as usual, incoherent word salad vomit, hate speech (yes), and all.

Fortunately, it was my Coffee Day and here is a view from my seat at Barry’s where I was sitting waiting for MMCB1 to arrive. I took this pic to reply to a pic my mouse texted about her current whereabouts, which is a lot more exotic than mine.

Last but not least, my work buddy FZ traded his old-enough-to-drink vee-hickle in for a – drum roll – new Toyota RAV4 today! The old car finally bit the dust and YAY for the RAV4!

One Response to “Fling flang flumpity dump”

  1. Margaret Says:

    This reader thinks that it’s a tragedy and an abomination that we have a “president” who is incoherent, vindictive, petty, narcissistic and addicted to tweeting. I almost bought a RAV4. It was in second place to the Forester. 🙂