More KW vee-hickle idiocy

No, I did not confuse my vee-hickle with someone else’s and deposit my laundry there. I’m driving my Ninja this week and it’s pretty hard to mix up with any other vee-hickle. But… I got home from Cubelandia today after one of the longest slogs I’ve experienced in a while. I was swinging around dealing with laundry and garbage and compost and dishes and mail. Basically I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Someone was at the door. It wasn’t Luke of Perrynet. It turned out to be the young student who is parking his car in our driveway. He’s a friend of our young cousin (my cousin’s grandchild), who parked a vee-hickle in our driveway for a while *last* fall. He wanted to get his car out. No prob. I pulled the Ninja out, he pulled his out, I pulled the Ninja back in. Everything was fine.

Not five minutes later he was back and here is where the conversation went crazy. He asked if “that car” ever went anywhere. I thought he was pointing at the Ninja so I said, “Yeah, I drive it to work every day.” He started talking about it making some grinding noises. Did I not hear them? He said something about bearings. I do know that grinding noises are not good and I know about bearings, oh boy oh boy. LSD trip to Fla anyone? Bearings…

But no, I hadn’t heard anything grinding or bumping, etc. Yesterday on the way home I was momentarily alarmed by some squeaking noises but that turned out to be some birds in an NPR story.

Then he asked if I needed to go anywhere soon. He needed to figure out what was wrong with the car. Now I was totally in the twilight zone. I mean, I can telecommute but why was he talking about getting my car fixed? Did I mention that this is the first time I have ever met him?

Suddenly!!! A light bulb came on. He was not talking about MY CAR! He was talking about HIS CAR! Can you say EMBARRASSED? JEEBUS! OF COURSE I AM NOT DRIVING YOUR CAR TO WORK. I HAVE NOT DRIVEN YOUR CAR AT ALL. I WOULD NEVER DRIVE YOUR CAR! He apparently got a short way down Maple and decided his car was unsafe to drive. [Unsaid: I am so relieved that you didn’t hear any bearing noise from MY car when I pulled it out of the driveway and back.]

I said, “You must think I am an absolute idiot!” He is a really nice young man and it all ended well and we discussed the logistics for when he needs to drop it off or pick it up and exchanged phone numbers (so far he has only had the GG’s). And then he and his buddy Uber’d back to campus.

We are always happy to help out our multitude of wonderful relatives and their friends. Pay it forward if you can 🧡

One Response to “More KW vee-hickle idiocy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A funny miscommunication! I tend to think that comments are about me, so I understand your confusion.