I went to the farmers market this morning. Managing yer bags and money, etc. can be a challenge at the farmers market. I hang a few Chico bags on my left arm. My purse is slung over my shoulder. My phone is in my left zippered pocket. Cash and MY CARKEYS are in my right zippered pocket.

Most of the farm booths only take cash. A few of them use Square apps or whatever on their iPads. I pay for fish and meat at Monahan’s and Sparrow inside the main Kerrytown building with my debit card.

Today I visited 4-5 booths outside and both the fish and meat markets inside. After all that, when I got to the parking lot, I reached into my right pocket to get my keys to beep the Ninja open… No keys… Yikes

What do I do? I panicked for a split-second. The GG was not home. Liz lives in Detroit. Mouse is outta town and anyway, she lives in Ypsi. There wasn’t really anyone I could call. So, I could walk home and get the other set of keys and walk back but I had a pretty heavy load of produce, etc. by that time. I could take the bus (32A) but…

I calmed myself down and schlepped back into the farmers market and headed back to the last booth I had visited. I had bought stuffed cabbage from the Polish folks. I usually use my debit card with them. Today their iPad app wasn’t working. It’s okay, I said, I have plenty of cash. Somehow, when I pulled my cash out of my right pocket, I also pulled my KEYS out… and left them on the damn table. AND. They were still there when I got back to look for them. WHEW!

After I got home, a light bulb came on that if I had not been able to find my keys, I could’ve downloaded the Lyft app and hitched a ride home (and back) via that.

P.S. I bought a whole chicken from Sparrow. The GG likes to grill those and others like to eat them so maybe sometime this week. Lemme know 🐸

One Response to “Glarb”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So glad your keys were still there! I have certain places for cards, for money and for keys and if they aren’t there, I panick. (my purse is literally and figuratively a black hole!)