The perils of living in a garden city

It was a terribly boring day until it wasn’t… I actually made some good progress in unpacking from the summer (yes, really) and dismantling my huuuuuge shambling mound of clothing. I found my bathing suit (actually I found that a few days ago). I found two missing black Chico’s turtlenecks. I will be needing them soon. I found the second of two summer-weight biz-caz “jackets”. I organized a whole bunch of YakTrax. I will be needing them sooner than I want to. What else? I can’t remember but I definitely found multiple articles of clothing that I have been *missing* for a while. And I put a trash bag full of clothing to donate into the Ninja’s trunk. YAY ME!!!

All that plus pushing and pulling little bits and pieces of crapola around trying to neaten things up around here. Of course when the GG gets home in a couple hours, it’ll all go to hell in a hand-basket. But I tried. (I sure hope he doesn’t have a whole bunch of Kraft salad dressings because we already have a whole bunch of Kraft salad dressings 🐽)

So then… It was mid-afternoon and I had just scrubbed the chitchen floor and was settling in to my boooook (Opioid, Indiana) when deeeeer-deeeer-deeeer-deeeeeeer-whomp. What the heck was THAT noise. Oh, okay. ANOTHER tree has fallen. This tree fell into the street away from any structures except the stop sign and the street sign. No one was in the street or on the sidewalk when it fell. The neighbors must have great karma because three days ago, they had a new roof put on. The tree fell *away* from their house.

Why did the tree fall? It was not windy at all. Mary across the street (from the tree) was on her porch yelling that she thought one whole side of it was dead. (We’ve been wondering where Mary was lately. Now we know. And we know that whatever keeps her inside is probably not a lung problem.) Mary is not a tree specialist that I know of (and neither am I) but I’m guessing she is probably right. And I’m also guessing that the rain we got today may have waterlogged an already ailing tree enough to push it past its tipping point.

The city sent out a couple of trucks and after an hour or so of loud sawing noises, the tree is no longer blocking the street or sidewalk. I guess the neighbors have to deal with the rest of it, which is on their property. Been there, done that.

One Response to “The perils of living in a garden city”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Waterlogged ground + dead tree=kerplunk! I have some big trees around me and their branches come down, but *fingers crossed* not the whole trees yet. Our mountain passes and eastern part of WAY too early!!