Party pooper

We went to a birthday party tonight. We talked about this event last night and then I totally forgot about it. So after a looooong slodgy commute, I got home and flung various undergarments and washed my feet and threw some frozen scallop kebabs into cold water to thaw them for grilling. I was just about to make a cocktail and take it out into the back yard, where it was warm and sunny for what will probably one of the last such afternoons for the duration. Oh, you know what duration.

Suddenly the GG said, “We can go whenever you’re ready!” Uh, go WHERE? To Dexter. To said party. Oh, okay. All right. I have to change my clothes again and wash my face. And put the scallops in the refrigimitator to thaw for tomorrow night.

Was it fun? Of course it was fun. But I am an introvert and it kinda ripped my alone time away from me. We snagged a table with another couple we enjoy hanging out with and guess what? The wife was about as enthusiastic as I was. She is retired but as I started explaining my after-work ritual, she said something like, “I know just how you feel.”

In the end, we hung around just long enough. Someone tried to organize a group picture. I was not enthusiastic. Just try to get 50 (or whatever) people to organize for a group picture. Herding cats anyone? Then someone else – I have no clue who but they were also not enthusiastic about the group picture – said that he would be in a group picture if he could have another drink ticket. The group picture prodject fizzled out and eventually we got out but not until The Social Butterfly (the GG) went back inside TWICE!

Home now and sitting in the back room but not outside because skunks (and probably mo-skee-toes). G’night.

One Response to “Party pooper”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t like attending any social function on a work day because, after dealing with hundreds of people all day (not in bad ways, mostly), I was ready for time on my own. I salute you for going!!