50 170 feet of bote

Somebody asked me how many botes we have. Lemme see…

Five Four kayaks. Three Walden Vistas of various colors. One green fishing-type kayak (can’t remember the brand). Don’t ask about the fifth (yellow Old Town) 🐽

— One 3-seat metal putt-putt motor bote.

— One 4-seat metal putt-putt motor bote.

— One red Old Town canoe.

— Fifth share (or something like that) in a pontoon party bote.

— Half a metal canoe. That’s the one in the pic and no it is not cut in half. My old coot and his sister Radical Betty bought it together so I guess nowadays our two branches of the finFam still own it. Not that it’s been used in I can’t think how many years because once we discovered kayaks, we never looked back. A canoe is a fight, at least if it is shared by a husband and wife.

One of my fave sayings from the Gumper (my beloved father-in-law) was “Some men have 50 foot botes – I have 50 feet of bote”. We have 170 feet so maybe we have him beat? I dunno. He had a lot of botes and maybe 50 feet was a very loose [under]estimate. The GG actually organized bote records a while back and had pretty precise data at hand.

Last day of “summer” and I am sitting in the back yard, i.e., not at a birthday party🐸 Hot but… Tut tut, looks like rain.

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