Visiting catsa

I spent some time working from home this afternoon and this loverly catsa came for a visit. Obviously a well taken care of outdoor catsa. Boy oh boy, some people can go crazy about outdoor cats. They eat birds, yada yada yada. I dunno which side of that issue I fall on. It’s as complicated as Syria.

At work today some of us were talking about how much we like to be ALONE in our houses. And yes we do, although we also like when family members (husband in my case) are around. Just that we need space.

I ventured to say that I also miss (greatly) the years when I had teenagers coming in and out the door at all hours of the night. Some people kind of gasped. But really. There were plenty of mooom moments during those years (and beyond). Like, blink awake! WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? But in general, I knew who they were hanging around with and I trusted their driving skills. After all, their dad taught them (and all kinds of cousins and friends) to drive STICK when they were 10 or whatever out at the old Raco air base.

[Delete a whole bunch of incomprehensible crapola about life here] I was sitting in the back yard this afternoon and I kept going back inside to get more clothing. First a polartech vest, then a polartech jacket, and finally I dredged out my smartwool leggings for the first time this season. The outside temperature was 64, which is not really all that cold but there was a chill in the air… It’s coming…

One Response to “Visiting catsa”

  1. Margaret Says:

    64 sounds warm, but it doesn’t feel that way this time of year. I miss having someone in my house, although I always enjoyed my alone time too. I just get too much of it sometimes with both girls far away and Patt gone. Mari is OK, but she’s not much of a conversationalist. That’s a beautiful kitty!