Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

I was kinda grumpy when I got home today. The purple KAYAK was on top of a couple of garbage carts. Why??? I couldda moved it but why should *I* have to move it since *I* did not put it there. And would *never* think to store a KAYAK on top of some Working Garbage/Recycling Receptacles. I have to USE those! We mitigated that situation and my mood was significantly improved when I FINALLY walked into the back yard and saw this!

Yes. Except that I had left my laptop on the Red Chair (before the faaar actually got started) and it was covered with ashes. All is well and the faaaaar seems to be keeping the mo-skee-toes away. As well as the wasps. The wasps have been dogging our impatiens and therefore me. Over a week ago some kind of insect got into my hair next to my ear and I wasn’t quiiiite sure what it was but when I put my hand up to brush it away, it STUNG ME! It’s okay, I am the antithesis of being allergic to stinging insects. It hurt enough that I rummaged around for the Sting Kill that I SWEAR was in my way a few days before but I couldn’t find it to save my life. My finger (left hand middle) remained un-swollen for the duration although it itched occasionally for the next week.

I did not get stung by ANYTHING until well into my adult years. I do not get stung very often but one of my all-time faves was when I got stung under my EYE. I was walking and the velcro on my aging Teva sandals was in a failure mode and I kept having to reach down and re-attach the straps. This was very annoying. And then, I was walking up Doty and, while I was reaching down to re-attach my sandal straps, a stinging insect got trapped between my glasses and my EYE. And stung me. Would that have made a funny video or what?

I was upset enough that I curtailed my walk at that point. I was sure that there would be a big ugly swelling below my eye but when I looked in the mirror there was really nothing out of order. Later when I went over to the elementary school for whatever reason I told friends about my little adventure and they corroborated that my eye looked fine.

Gotta go cobble together some l’overs to heat up. G’night. KW

One Response to “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve rarely been stung, but when I have, it hurt way worse than I was telling my kids it did. 😉 Mosquitoes don’t like me much, and we don’t have that many of them here anyway. Win-win.