Purple Pinocchio

So okay, you ask yer husband to take a pitcher of you in yer balaclava and he makes you look like Pinocchio. Not sure if that was on purpose or not but I cannot stop laughing!

I’m not sure what else I have to say tonight. I dredged out a couple of yearbooks to do a little research. First, I wanted to know how to spell Mr. Pfifer’s name. My yearbooks say it was spelled “Fifer” and that is how he pronounced it. But. I sooooo thought there was a silent P in there somewhere and I feel like I can even remember him saying he didn’t like when people mis-pronounced his name and called him “Mr. Piffer”. But maybe people were calling him “Mr. Fiffer”.

Second, I was looking for a person I recently accepted a FB friend request from. She’s from Sault Ste. Siberia and her name is familiar (and she seems really nice) but… I can’t place her. I *think* I figgered out that she graduated from high school a year ahead of me. I can’t find anyone with her name in that yearbook. (I did find Bad Boyfriend 🐽) I’m not sure what to do in these kinds of situations. Do I [sheepishly] ask her who she is? Or do I ask The Beautiful Mimi, who knows EVERYONE?

This kind of thing has happened to me a few times. Please please please please, if you are on Facebook, consider providing just enough information to make things click for friends like me. Particularly provide your “maiden name” if you use your husband’s name. I used my husband’s surname informally when my kids were in school but I never legally changed to it and I have always used my birth surname professionally and on social media. If I did legally use my husband’s name, I think I would still include my FinFam name on social media so people I friend would have a clue about who I was.

I am wearing a balaclava in the pic because it was fricking cold out in the back yard. The ambient temperature was not all that bad but it was windy as all getout. At least that kept the mo-skee-toes and wasps away.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know why I thought a balaclava just had eye holes. Is there such a thing? (besides for bank robbers?) I agree about FB and about texting without identifying oneself if the person suspects I don’t have their contact info in my phone. I mostly recognize my former students’ names (or faces) but I’ve had thousands of students over the years, so it’s nice to have some background.