Terabytical glare ice

Four terabytes? I remember learning the word terabyte. It wasn’t all that many years ago. I am sure that I was working at Cubelandia when we bought a ONE terabyte backup drive. I was like “tera” means four roight. Four gigs? Roight? Or not. Anyway, the GG spent most of the day haaaaannnnggging around with the computooooor. Two trips to the Apple store. No, I did not want to go. I HATE going to the Apple store. But now we have FOUR terabytes of backup storage.

Plus I was doing slow cooking/shopping today in between reading sessions. Octavia Butler’s Dawn this time. I’ve been trying to read Halloweeny type books, not sure this fits the bill or not but I like Octavia’s writing and I am enjoying this book. So I was sitting outside in the mid afternoon and it was really windy and *things* kept falling out of the trees. I finally moved myself closer to the house so I was under the eaves and hopefully out of the line of faaaar. So I was sitting there and ka-whomp holy crap. It wasn’t a whole tree. It was a smallish branch and it bounced off the power lines (eek) and the new shed’s roof. Fortunately no damage but jeebus.

So a facebook/high school friend reported GLARE ICE on I75 north of the Big Mac bridge today. Looking at the weather, I don’t see temps that low up there butcha nevah know what kind of micro-climate yer gonna encounter here in the Great Lake State. And that is why we do not EVER schedule a moomincabin closing as late as Halloween. WTF? Here on the Planet Ann Arbor, I am thankful that we hit 60 today.

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