Harry Potter 7!

Jane, our guest blahgger from Border’s writes:

a very brief guest blagh entry from me:

To all the Harry Potter fans out there – this morning Scholastic announced that the final Harry Potter book will be released at 12:01 Saturday July 21st. (that’s Friday night at midnight). and in an interesting (unfortunate?) collision of the Ann Arbor universe, that is also the Saturday of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. oh yeah – let’s take more people and try to fit them into the same space!!!

Reserve your copy soon, and get a “Trust Snape” or “Snape is a very bad man” sticker. 😉 (I’m not really trying to drive business here, but I think the stickers are a cool thing that Borders is doing. it’s not just about selling the book, but having a conversation about a mysterious character!)

I can’t wait for the new book – it’s the ultimate “beach read”, but will be sorry to have the story end.

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  1. Webmomster Says:

    dunno if I’m going to do an “early reserve”, but if I were to, I’d get the “Trust Snape” sticker…just a hunch from what I’ve observed thus far.