It is Friday and since no one else was home this afternoon, I changed coordinates and telecommuted from the Green Couch. Watching all the dogs go by. I actually sang my dog-watching song to a couple of co-workers this morning. We were the only three left in Gizmos after the daily stand-up/defect meetings and we kinda let our hair down for a while, talking about life and kids, etc. I wasn’t sure if they knew about the old Standing on the Corner song that I remember from my EARLY childhood. But they did, so I sang the first line of my own song “Sitting on the Green Couch Watching all the Dogz Go By”. And we all laughed. I am an okay singer and can carry a tune, just not trained.

I porterized myself this evening at not one of our usual Friday night resty-raunts. We met at a local restaurant that specializes in Polish food. The food is to die for and the whine is good. It is not the kind of place you would go for cocktails. I don’t think they have a clue about how to make a ‘hattan and the martinis my friends ordered tonight tasted more like gin and tonics. Kinda reminded me of the time The Commander made *gin* margaritas 🐽. But PLEASE go there ANYWAY and don’t be a cocktail snob. Because the food? Soooo good. I did not finish my food. When the waitress came back, she noticed and said something like I wasn’t a big eater. And I am not but I had also planned to take half of my food home in a box and she was pleased about that.

So. Answers to unspoken questions. Toyota RAV4 (instead of Ford something-or-other). Biden (or Warren) if I have to. Not crazy about either but did NOT vote for Trump before and will NOT vote for Trump in 2020. Women for Trump? Who and why? We talked about some other stuff but some of it I can’t really remember and some of it is un-fricking-blahggable.

G’night y’all. Love y’all. KW.

2 Responses to “Fishski”

  1. l4827 Says:

    And the answers are: Yes. Yes. No. Yes. No particular order.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Anyone for Trump boggles my mind, but especially women and people of color. I don’t know that I’ve had much restaurant Polish food, but I have had some cooked by Polish neighbors/friends. Good stuff, although it can be too heavy on the sausages for me. I have the same issue with German food.