“But her emails”

I cannot keep track of what’s going on in the government on a day to day basis so I didn’t even know Her Emails were still the subject of an investigation until I woke up to it this morning. It sounds like the investigation concluded with just about what I have always thought. Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, Her Emails are not and shouldn’t ever have been an issue. The findings are apparently that no one SYSTEMATICALLY or DELIBERATELY mishandled classified information.

I work in the online banking industry. I do not deal with sensitive information in any way shape or form. As a designer/analyst, I sit waaaaay behind anything real. I am not even privy to which banks we provide services to. Nevertheless. My work laptop is totally locked down. I cannot look at my personal email on my laptop. I cannot look at facebook or twitter or blogs. I am strongly discouraged from emailing anything to/from my work laptop to my personal phone although I occasionally do if I need to capture a whiteboard diagram.

Ladies and gentlemen (and ooloi), I do not believe that the US government systematically supplies ALL of its personnel (elected, appointed, employed) with secured computer devices commensurate with our position as a world “superpower”. I don’t really know what went on with Hillary’s “personal server” but I have always wondered if the folks involved: 1) Were given effective tools to communicate (by email) with other folks they had to work with. 2) Had a CLUE about what they were doing.

I can also guess that there are STILL many people who work for the government who have NO CLUE how to handle email, etc., in a secure way. If our country’s government wants to get serious about battening down their computer systems, it should take a page from the online banking industry.

And now we have the Orange Baboon twittering away on his personal phone (I am guessing) but that’d be a whole ‘nother blahg entry… 💩

G’night. KW. [and edited to get rid of a whole bunch of extraneous word salad🐽]

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The current admin has been using LOTS of unsecured communication, but the lack of outrage is deafening. Sigh.