I am going to the outhouse and when I come back everyone will be gone

The title is a quote from My Dear Uncle Harry. He said this late in the night after a beach wedding when people were still hanging around in the Old Cabin drinking beer and eating cheerios outta the box and generally whooping it up. We managed to move the party over to the moomincabin. I think. My parents must’ve spent the night in their house in town because their moomincabin bed was right in the middle of the living room in those days…

So tonight, it took a looooonnng time for us to get porterized. We were at the Oscar Tango and I finally said, “I am going to the bathroom and when I come back, we’ll be porterized.” Well, hahahahaha. When I came out of the bathroom, there was JP walking by into the men’s room. I’m not sure what the yellow police tape was all about. It was either something to do with Halloween or the Notre Dame game tomorrow. It did not keep me from getting into the bathroom.

So I am about done tonight. As I have said before, My Dear Uncle Harry’s outhouse still exists and I use it once or twice a year, either when we are opening or closing the moomincabin or when there are so many people in the moomincabin that I can’t use the bathroom. I always make sure to donate a roll of terlet paper when I use that loverly old outhouse. May she stand forever.

Oh BTW, the reason we had to wait for so long to be porterized is because new vee-hickle. Yay!

One Response to “I am going to the outhouse and when I come back everyone will be gone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    New vehicle! Cool!! I haven’t used an outhouse in a long time, but I’m not averse to using a Honey Bucket, when I need to. 🙂