(Yer daily dose o’ blather)2

crocusYes, it is a crocus. A real live crocus. There are a *few* more of them around. There were a *whole bunch* more but, as hardy as they are, the last six inches of that cold, fluffy heavy white stuff flattened them. At least the flowering parts of them. It’s okay. I don’t have time to hang around in the landfill back yard anyway.

Even if I did have time (not to mention a green thumb), I have decided the landfill dungeon is a little higher on the to-do list. We just have to get rid of all of that clutter. I do not want the beach urchins to have to rent a dumpster some day. Better to get rid of it now while we have the physical energy and relative brainpower to do it than wait until we are creaky old octos! There are compulsive hoarders in both the GG’s and my families. We have the DNA and that is a scary thing.

Today, I even had the sudden thought that maybe we should move house!! That’s just about the surest way to get rid of all the old crap. Our own DogMomster is moving forward on that project and I can’t wait to read her posts about cleaning out Peeves’s old collections of collections. And. And. And. Kee-reist!!!! MWBB is moving to Arizona (!!!) this summer!!! !!! !!! We’ll have to do our weekly breakfast by Video Chat after she moves! [Er, speaking of MWBB, I better email MTCB to see if we’re still meeting tomorrow. She is *not* moving anywhere. I don’t think.]

I doubt we’ll move. I like this crappy old house and I like this nice, not-fancy neighborhood. And we have the group home at Houghton Lake and Fin Family Moominbeach/tundra. And I dunno where I was going with this but the GG just kind of whisked in through the door and whisked out again and I followed him out to figger out WTH was going on and was unceremoniously handed two old veeendsheeeel viper-type theeengs from zee Dogha and told to recycle them, which I did and I hope Recycle Ann Arbor picks them up without incident. I am glad that zeee veeeensheeeeeld vipers on zee Dogha are finally replaced and then he told me that the vee-hickle-eater thingy over at the EPA actually *ate* a vee-hickle today and although it wasn’t a terrorist and no serious damage was done, that was good fun for them thar slackers over at the EPA*.

* All the usual disclaimers about how “them thar slackers over at the EPA” really do work and I am just kidding. And they do work hard. Ask me how many hours the GG works…

3 Responses to “(Yer daily dose o’ blather)2

  1. Sam Says:

    KW, thy thumb must be green (like Froggy’s?), since your crocus didn’t croak…

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a beautiful crocus! We’re not in your league weather-wise,but my husband claims that our last slush storm killed the beans and “my tomatoes.” That’s a bummer. Moving does tend to force one to organize and get rid of crap, but it’s also harder than hades to do. I would just like to motivate myself to do a thorough spring/summer cleaning!

  3. isa Says:

    what ate what and how?