Early one morning in a quiet neighborhood on the Planet Ann Arbor

teapartySorry, this is not a political blahg entry. I have been nose to the grindstone in about a billion different directions lately and didn’t even know what all this tea party stuff was about until it was mostly over. Yes, I am bad but this is a G-rated (mostly) family-type blahg and I believe political opinions pretty much run the gamut on all sides of the fam. Really, we are all good citizens who make positive contributions to society and I don’t want to argue politics with anyone, family or not. And some of my relatives have changed their opinions over time, including the late Grandroobly, who was pretty much hard-core conservative back in the Jurassic Age but became pretty much anti-any-politician in his later years. Blue dress? “Stick it!”, the old coot would say, listening to NPR in the cabin as he ate his half-bowl of mixed cereal (Cheerios and Chex or Wheaties or whatever) with a little milk. (Sorry, that wasn’t exactly G-rated.) And I do not think he liked Bush but we won’t go there…

Mostly, I am *still* pinching myself that I have a really quite decent job in these horrible times. Yeah, I know I’ve been pinching myself for a while now and it’s getting old and y’all are getting taaaarrred of hearing that. But there were a few years in there that I had absolutely no idea what I could (or would) do to make a contribution to society while preserving my own self-esteem and earning an income. I love my job now, even during the occasional moments of sleepiness, like this afternoon during a recurrent meeting that I attend mostly as a listener/researcher. spongebob1 It was generally interesting but some of the usual suspects went off on a tangent and started speaking in tongues and my coffee cup was out of water, so I was struggling to keep awake. Suddenly, my boss thundered (or so it seemed), “KAYAK WOMAN! What are we doing about blah-blah-blah?” I jolted to attention and guess what? I had the answer!!! So. I hope this job goes on until I get so senile that I walk out past the parking lot into the pond by mistake but life is uncertain so who knows and don’t even ask me how much money we had to ante up to the tax man this year. All I will say is that the GG had a *very* hard time taking that envelope over to the post office.

Anyway, I was walking along watching for skunks and things this morning and those signs were in front of a house on my usual route. They are just down the street from a co-worker’s house, who I highly doubt is involved in any way. I stopped to take a picture and then I looked down at the sidewalk and there was Sponge-bob or whatever his name is. So, I dunno. I’ve lived on The Planet Ann Arbor for a long time now and there are some people in the country that might think this is the kind of place where everybody is smokin’ pot all the time but we don’t all do that (actually, I don’t tolerate that stuff very well (yeah, not G-rated again)) but there is quite a diverse population around here in many ways and that’s one of the reasons I love living here.


5 Responses to “Early one morning in a quiet neighborhood on the Planet Ann Arbor”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Why not compromise and call your blahg “PG” instead of “G”?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I try to stay away from politics on my blog too; it’s not that I don’t have strongish opinions–it’s just so polarizing. Love the Sponge Bob. My younger daughter used to be a big fan, so we spent a lot of time watching that show! I am thankful that so far my job is safe, but not excited about 40 kids per class.

  3. Marquis Says:

    I can’t believe that your boss called you Kayak Women!?!

    Why not banana?

  4. Tonya Says:

    Now and then I can’t HELP but get a little political (well, especially during presidential election time), but you’re right — overall it’s not wise. Except for SOMETIMES when people are IDIOTS. (But we won’t go there). I, too, am pinching myself that my job (and John’s) are at least so far secure, and that I’m actually going to be doing something I really love doing come May 1st! It’s weird that in spite of that, we are still feeling very cautious. Not going out on a limb with any major expenditures — or even minor ones, for that matter. Sort of taking the “tip-toe” approach. Sounds like a lot of folks are doing the same thing, which probably isn’t such a good thing. (Malls going bankrupt, etc.)

    None of us enjoy paying taxes (what we paid this past year was head-spinning). But. I’d rather have a park than not. And I’d certainly rather have police protection than not. I like tea, but this week it’s had a rather gagging/choking effect.

  5. Robert Smith Says:

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