We’re gettin’ there

First, everybody who has to access the areas south of the Planet Ann Arbor is hopping around about the traffic jams. Turns out my difficulties getting home last night were due to the construction closure of a short stretch of Ann Arbor-Saline Road. It’s a MAJOR road and the closure blocks access to freeway entrances/exits. The detour is long and circuitous and I won’t bore you with our planet’s crazy geography. The road commission is aware of it and although my homeward commute tonight was only marginally better, I noticed that they had changed the Scio Church/South Maple traffic light pattern so I think they are at least trying. This morning there were at least 100 vee-hickles lined up for that intersection, lotsa folks heading for Pi-Hi. Fortunately I was going the other way and didn’t have a problem.

I did a half-*ssed job of decorating for Halloween a couple weeks ago. My efforts consisted of dredging ‘lectric Jack (who I “inherited” from The Commander and have renamed from “I need My Electric Jack-o-Lantern”) up from the basement and a string of pumpkin lights. And ordering some new lights from Amazon or wherever. Including these skull lights. The GG spent a bunch of time today putting up a lot more stuff including my string of skull lights.

I love the convenience of ordering stuff from Amazon Prime (or wherever). This day and age, I couldn’t be bothered with driving all over hell-and-gone looking for just the right thing. I’m talking about the kind of humdrum supplies that I always buy but the stores don’t always seem to be stocked with. My fave [CHEAP] shampoo, makeup (yes), certain cleaning supplies. Halloween lights that might be randomly available at Tarjay but that would mean I would have to DRIVE there and look for them… I can’t say I am not concerned about all of the packaging. As a rule, I don’t save cardboard boxes. I mean, how many cardboard boxes can you fill your dungeon with? What happens if somebody throws a match down there.

So… Is it more environmentally friendly to drive your vee-hickle all over town (like I used to do) looking for whatever it is you want to buy or is it more environmentally friendly to order your stuff on-line and kill umpteen gazillion trees to make cardboard boxes to ship things to consumers? Not sure what the answer is…

2 Responses to “We’re gettin’ there”

  1. jane Says:

    Yesterday’s traffic was also due to 3 accidents. probably just one to start (plus construction issues), but 3 eventually in the general area. Traffic was backed up and stopped dead even back in the circle drive at work. good times!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I don’t have an answer for you. I order WAY too much from Amazon because it’s easy and convenient. Much of that is Kindle books which require no packaging. I do recycle my boxes, for what it’s worth. I used to have a cool Halloween house that changed colors (it was Patt’s mom’s) but it died. I miss that thing!