Capping off the Lyme Lounge Tiki Bar season with a wee bit of porterization

Except I didn’t think I would EVER get home from work to get to the evening’s porterization. Traffic was totally HOSED absolutely EVERYWHERE and I left work more than a half hour early today. It took me an hour to do my eight mile commute. The whole dern city was HOSED! I had to turn around and go the OTHER WAY once and at the Scio Church bridge over I94 aka The Bottleneck, I probably waited through about eight lights. But who knew? Being as far back in the queue as I was I couldn’t even see the traffic lights. My usual Zen Commute was anything but zen this afternoon.

For a while I was behind a motor-cyclist that I just about wanted to run over. rrrrrrrrmmmm rrrrrrmmmm rrrrmmmm rrrrmmm. Just shaddup! He kept riding up BESIDE the car in front of me and I was kind of freaking out about that until I saw he and the car driver pass water bottles back and forth. So they knew each other and I’m not sure what the heck was going on. New motorcycle driver riding behind/next to dad? And then they both turned left and I wasn’t plagued by them any more.

Finally. Home, dropped off my gear, hopped into Mooon Yooonit where the GG was reading War and Peace (or whatever) and we were off across town to Porterland with the Lyme Lounge Tiki Bar in tow. We arrived to see the new vee-hickle of porterization, a late-model (2017) Ford Escape. These days an SUV is an SUV is an SUV to me so I wasn’t all that interested in the details. After all, we bought Mooon Yooonit this summer and I have in no way droven her enough to figger out all of her bells and whistles. And all of these vee-hickles look kinda the same these days, which is probably why the first time I drove Mooon Yooonit farther than 50 feet, I put my laundry into somebody else’s vee-hickle, a brand new Honda CRV or whatever it was. But I am sooooo glad our friends bought a new car!

Our Lyme Lounge waiter/bartender had done it up big-time with a choice of ‘hattans or ‘tinis, plus some hors d’oeuvres (crackers and chips and TWO flavors of goat cheese and quac and some sausage). He did some serious shopping today: Kroger, Aldi, and Plum Market. There was some fancy beer (from fun porterization neighbor K across the street) and a wee (like maybe 2 ounce) bottle of peach-flavored moonshine from a trip to Tennessee. It is a School Night (for me anyway) so we kept it all under control and when it was Time, the GG brought out the Dogz and we were able to escape.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Traffic, ugh! It seems to always be hosed around here. I try to do any errands in the early afternoon, which I can do–being retired! I swear that every third car in Washington is a Subaru, so I often have to double check that I have the correct blue Forester. 😉