Palate cleansing

Hahahahaha! The beach urchins reported a convo in which they were laughing about me chasing a violent book (My Absolute Darling (MAD)) with a re-read of Borne. Not to say that Borne is not violent (it is) but the violence is not comparable to MAD’s violence. Borne is a dystopian fantasy and although the violence gets up close and personal from time to time, it is set in a society so different from the one MAD is set in that it doesn’t feel all that personal, if that makes any sense. That’s the best I can do to articulate that thought. Plus, Borne is filled with humor!

So… My Absolute Darling. Holy mackerel. How NOT to bring up a daughter, not to mention a *motherless* daughter. I can’t easily find it now but probably one of my favorite lines in the book was when the 14-year-old gun-totin’ Badass Girl’s boyfriend tells her something like, “Yes, I have talked to your dad. You weren’t home and he was sitting on the porch reading Descartes and.” [When he wasn’t making his daughter do horrible things.] I wanted to take Turtle/Julia/kibble home with me even though I know there’s no way I would ever be able to adequately parent a child who had grown up with the level of trauma she did. I won’t say anything more because spoilers but it was a good (if not perfect) book. I loved the nature writing, especially the sea stack descriptions. This book is set in and near Mendocino but we have sea stacks in the St. Ignace area of the yooperland.

Borne… I read it a few years ago. I am reading it again because Dead Astronauts (aka Borne 2) is out there and Borne is just crazy enough that I needed to read it again to refresh my memory about the landscape of the ruined city before reading Dead Astronauts.

Besides all that, a while back I read “A Gentleman in Moscow”. Can I just say that this man was a person who made lemonade out of lemons? Without a bunch of sugar thrown in. I think of him every time I thread a needle and if you have read the book you might know what I am referring to. 🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You read some very interesting books!!