I went to see Bob Dylan and all you get is this parking garatchkey pic

So, back in late September, we were sitting on the moomincabin deck on a beautiful warm evening and the mean old grunchie old grinchie said he’d come to The Planet Arbor to see a certain musician (Liz, who? I’d text her but she’s prob’ly driving right now). Liz was googling a bit and that musician wasn’t on the schedule anywhere but then, “Hey Bob Dylan is coming to Hill Auditorium on November 6.” I am not a big concert goer but before I knew it, I had bought six tickets.

And so that concert was tonight. Various “people” were nervous about various things and around 3:57 this afternoon after some Kexting, I emailed Amazon Woman and FZ to say that “people” at home were stressing and my commute is a mess this week so I was leaving early. The only thing I was stressing about was that there was the potential for various beach urchins to face a bloody *snow* drive getting to and from the concert. It was as gloomy as all getout all day and the clouds had that full-of-snow feeling.

It all went off without a hitch. I had made a reservation for six at Knights *downtown* (some “people” were confused about that but I headed that off) and so we had a leisurely dinner there and then walked over to Hill. Dylan was Dylan. At his age he has been known to kind of “phone it in”. He did a bit of that but he also kind of warmed up. I was kind of hoping for Lay Lady Lay (and I heard a couple others shout that out when a song seemed to have a quiet opening). We didn’t get Lay Lady Lay but it was worth seeing and I’ll maybe write more about Dylan as his music has touched my meager little life some other day.

It was totally verboten to even have a cell phone *open* at Hill tonight and we witnessed a few people receive a warning but they all apparently got the message and no one got thrown out. Because of that, all you get is this pic of us stuck in the old Jacobson’s parking garatchkey. At the time I took the pic we were finally moving. When we were still up on the fourth floor, it was total gridlock. It took us a whole half hour to get outta that garatchkey and we weren’t even porterized tonight so we were unable to find any secret exits into an alleyway somewhere. On the other hand, we didn’t get stuck in the elevator either.

And now I am home and it is late enough that I am having a Second Wind so hoping sleep comes easily.

G’night, KW. Typos and Word Salad be damned.

P.S. The Grinchie would come to see Ray Davies of the Kinks! If Ray ever shows up here, I will be there even if I can’t drag the Grinchie down here to go with me. (There’s a kind of a history there 🐸)

One Response to “I went to see Bob Dylan and all you get is this parking garatchkey pic”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I find concerts stressful, but Dylan is a classic, so it would be worth it! It sounds like it all went smoothly and was fun. 🙂