All right you guys. Time to re-learn your winter driving skills 🐽🐽🐽

I was greatly relieved that the snow didn’t start until around the time I got up this morning. We worry about our kids forever and both of the beach urchins had relatively long drives home last night. They are good drivers. I worry more about the other people on the road. They got home fine (actually those who drove to Ypsi got home before the rest of us were even outta the stoopid parking structure).

This is what I walked in this morning. Bee-yoo-ty-ful ain’t it? The sidewalks were fine. The roads were fine. For me anyway, apparently there were some slippery spots in places. For the first time this season, I went out and started up the Ninja to warm it up a bit. No ice on zee veendsheeeld but I wanted the snow off the back window and I didn’t feel like brushing it off.

The Ninja isn’t the best snow vee-hickle so when there is serious snow, I either telecommute or drive whatever AWD vee-hickle we own, Mooon Yooonit for the time being. This morning Ninja was fine. I heard on the radio that there were patches of ice here and there. Not on my commute. Except that it did HOSE traffic enough that I had to take a crazy detour down to Textile Road and back up.

As I was driving down to Textile I was driving something like 42 in a 45 mile zone. I was being careful (like most other sane people were) because of our first significant snowfall. The car behind me was not satisfied with my speed so he/she/they gunned it and sped around me. Okay. Then it tried to pass the car ahead of me. That did not work out all that well because there was a car coming the other direction. Oops. Fortunately there was no head-on collision.

The point is… We are heading into winter. Remember your winter driving skills. The main thing is to sloooow down.

One Response to “All right you guys. Time to re-learn your winter driving skills 🐽🐽🐽”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Aggressive people in a rush in dicey weather conditions make me nervous. Not many of us here know how to drive in the snow, but many of us do have AWD or 4 wheel drive vehicles. Hills, and mountains, ya know?