Calm before the storm?

Leaves are blown, sooper dooper yooper musheen tested, YakTrax at the ready. What will we actually get? Will I decide I want to telecommute? I reeeeaaally don’t want to telecommute. But I don’t like driving the Ninja in snow and I have only droven Mooon Yooonit a handful of times so I’m nervous about taking her out in the snow too, even though she is AWD.

At one point this afternoon I smelled matches and wondered if the GG had lit the first faaaaaar of the season. I was a bit confuddled because *today* it was in the mid-40s, which is usually too warm for us to have a faaaaar. And. Nope. Turned out the smell was from running a “small grinder” down in the Landfill Dungeon. Uh, could you please double-check that small grinder for me just to make sure nothing’s burning?

Is it time for xmas lists? Yes, yes, it is. One person in the family came through in spades. I had promised to come up with some things for meeeee (even though I need nothing). So far, I have come up with exactly one item – a scarf (Chico’s) that is leopard print bordered with red and hot pink. No, it doesn’t sound like something I would normally like. I’m not sure why it speaks to me. Sorry you guys, I’ll keep looking for more stuff. I have asked that the GG not throw catalogs into the recycle for the time being. Normally I don’t even look at catalogs these days and am happy to have them go into the recycle before I see them. I went through all of them this afternoon and ended up throwing them all into the recycle. I had a hard time letting the Pendleton catalog go (blankets) but we have soooo many blankets already. As the Fin Fam does. My dad loved to gift people with blankets.

Today marks a date that most Yoopers commemorate, at least quietly to themselves. It is the 44th anniversary of the night the great lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior in a monster storm. This year audio of conversations between Soo Traffic and the Arthur Anderson (and maybe other boats, I haven’t listened to the whole thing) seems to be all over the internet. I believe my younger brother listened to parts of this conversation that night. He was a student at Lake State, the college across the street (and back yard) from my parents’ house and he lived with them. We owned a fancy radio in those days on which you could listen to ship traffic conversations. I’m not sure that’s possible in these days of perceived terrorism. But my brother talked of listening to the search for the Fitz on that radio.

God Speed (again) to the Edmund Fitzgerald and its 29-member crew and God Speed (again) to my brother (1957-2005). Hope they are all partying together somewhere on this day.

One Response to “Calm before the storm?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Didn’t Gordon Lightfoot do a song about the Edmund Fitzgerald? I have no idea what I want/need (except a new robe that I would have to choose myself) and would rather have NO gift giving. I’m a Scrooge. I’m about the board game playing and cookie baking.