They weren’t lying this time

When I got up this AM (before 6), it was not snowing that I could tell. By the time I left for my walk a quick shower later, fugly wet stuff was coming down. The sidewalks were okay for sandals without ice cleats but I brought (and used) an umbrella.

Given the forecast (all day snow), I bagged Cubelandia to telecommute. By the end of the day, this is what it looked like. And who the heck is that Yooper who keeps blowing my snow? I thought I married a guy from Royal Joke.

I follow the Planet Ann Arbor police department on facebook and this is what they had to say:

“Good Morning Ann Arbor. The first snow of the year and look at all these crashes. SLOW DOWN, snow is not new to our area. Please be careful, 4 x 4’s remember you can start quicker than most cars but you don’t slow down any faster!!! The ice treats everyone equally!!!!”

Exactly. And no, snow is not new to our area. I think I saw that there were something like 77 crashes this morning. And 50 this afternoon as I was putting my new Kahtoola ice cleats onto my 2-year-old snow boots to test them out on a Woods Walk. I bought new Sorel snow boots two years ago and have maybe used them once or twice. I think this winter will be a bit different.

It’s Veteran’s Day and I am a wee bit annoyed by some of the surrounding rhetoric but not sure I can accurately put my thoughts into words but here’s “the tip of the iceberg” of my *extremely* complicated thoughts. OF COURSE we appreciate those who have served our country. That would include my dad and father-in-law and a number of other relatives. I believe I can support military folks who are prepared to give their lives for our country’s “values” even though I question the “values” so many people seem to espouse in our current political climate. The freedom to disagree with someone else’s values is part of what freedom means to me. I’m not sure that saying “thank you for your service” to every person who looks remotely like they may have served in the military [or not] at some point in time serves any sort of purpose. I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion.

One Response to “They weren’t lying this time”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with your complicated thoughts about vets and VD. It is too easy to say the words “loving one’s country” while not walking the talk at all. I’m relieved to hear that not only Washingtonians(who rarely have to deal with lowland snow) aren’t the only ones who overdrive the conditions and end up paying the price. I get tired of the ridicule every time we get any snow. I’m actually a decent snow driver, especially with AWD and expensive snow tires. Stopping on hills is always an issue and planning ahead is the ideal. Ice is impossible.