Living with a weatherman aka cabin fever

Once upon a time, I lusted after the concept of telecommuting. Now that I can telecommute just about any time I want to, I appreciate the freedom to do so but it isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

A few years ago, when The LSCHP was still around at Cubelandia, we did a major reshuffle and almost everyone telecommuted for something like six weeks. At that time there was no pensioner around so I had the Landfill to myself. I [mostly] loved it.

Then last winter we had a week or so of Deep Freeze. As cold as it was, the roads were [mostly] fine and I could’ve easily gotten over to Cubelandia. But. One of the managers said something like “let’s treat this as a disaster preparedness exercise.” It was optional to telecommute but I did participate.

So it is November and we’ve had heavy snow and it is DEFINITELY not the first time we’ve had heavy snow in November. But we got a LOT more snow than was predicted (8-11 inches depending on who you talk to). Plus there was apparently a layer of ice on the roads under all the snow that fell so the roads were still awful this morning. Even the GG proclaimed the roads to be bad after a morning test drive of both vee-hickles.

Yesterday while I was telecommuting, the GG slodged down to the *new* “dinosaur” museum to see whatever new exhibit was opening, then spent a good amount of time snowblowing and messing around with automotive vee-hickles, etc. Today? Well. I think The Pensioner provided me with a weather report no fewer than six times this morning. Um, I know the weather report. I have checked it umpteen times since 5:30 AM. I have an iPhone XS with FIVE weather apps, plus WEMU public radio. Duh.

After a morning of very productive work (yay!), I strapped some Yaks onto my second pair of boots (the ones without the Kahtoolas) and walked over to the Plum, hoping to meet up with a couple of my fave employees, which I did. It took one of those people 1-1/2 hours to drive to work (from Ypsi) yesterday and something like 2 hours to drive back. When I got back home from my trip to Plum, “patriot radio” was on. Grrrrrr. But I held my tongue and listened for a while because I continually struggle to figger out why the Orange Baboon appeals to so many people. I didn’t get enough data today to get anything close to an understanding but I noticed that the only clips/quotes they put on the radio were ones where he actually sounded somewhat rational, like someone had very carefully scripted him. Alas, that is not always the case.

The Pensioner finally nodded off (I think) and now after a sedentary day he has hoofed it over to the Plum himself. Politically we seem to be a house divided these days but unless he gets a yen for a Trophy Wife, I think we’re in it for the long haul. Excessive Weather Reports or not.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We were a house divided too, although I don’t think my late husband would have supported Trump. He was a Libertarian, not a Republican. I don’t think I would like telecommuting because I would have trouble keeping myself on task. 🙂