Learning to drive again

Okay, now that we have had a significant snowstorm and the roads are still recovering from it, my summer days of hopping into the Ninja and purring over to Cubelandia without thinking much about it are over. There will certainly be (knock on wood) many days throughout the upcoming season that will be Ninja-able but not without careful checking of the weather, etc.

I HAD to go to Cubelandia today (because Cabin Fever and Too Many Weather Reports🐽) so the plan was that I would drive Mooon Yooonit. The roads were okay mostly today except for a few spots where ice managed to bond with the pavement. I have not droven Mooon Yooonit since August. So, okay. I had to learn to drive all over again today with a new high tech vee-hickle. The last new vee-hickle we bought was the Frog Hopper (in 2011) and it was a loverly vee-hickle but aside from a back-up cam and heated seats and remote start, I can’t think what the heck it had that was hi-tech.

I managed to figger out how to remote start Mooon Yooonit this morning. I did it with the key fob and I had to Google it. Apparently I can also do it with my iPhone but that would’ve probably meant downloading an app. And that would’ve probably been okay. Except. It was frickin’ cold (10 degrees F) this morning and I figgered in order to *connect* my iPhone to my vee-hickle, I might need the vee-hickle ID and I did NOT want to dredge that up this morning. So. I used the key fob and it worked perfectly. (I wonder if The Pensioner knows how to do that.)

And then. I went out to get IN the car and when I unlocked the door, I apparently hit the wrong button because the BACK GATE opened. And hit the Ninja. (Mooon Yooonit was backed up waaaaay too close to the Ninja.) Fortunately, it is designed to stop when it encounters something. I hope there was no damage to the Ninja.

I did manage to switch the radio from Patriot Radio to WEMU.

Then I got over to Barry Bagels for coffee. I pulled into a parking place and for a split-second I thought “how the heck do I turn this thing off.” Duh, the button I pushed to start the car also stops the car.

Leaving from Cubelandia at the end of the day I had another incident with the back gate. I must’ve hit the button that opens the back gate but I didn’t notice that it was wide open until I was going out of the parking lot. There was beeping but the dern thing beeps if it thinks you are changing lanes (which I hate). Okay. I need to learn the buttons on the key fob better but I was not happy that hitting the back gate button did not immediately start closing it.

Oh where is my gas cap? Mooon Yooonit needed gas today but I was distracted enough with all of the other stuff (plus it was colder than blue blazes) that I couldn’t deal with it. The dashboard told me I had 58 miles left and I knew that would get me to Cubelandia and back. But I don’t even know where the dern gas cap is on Mooon Yooonit or how to open it. So I begged the GG to put some gas in Mooon Yooonit this afternoon. He was more than happy to do that and I’ll figger it out some other day.

I did NOT put my laundry in someone else’s vee-hickle!

2 Responses to “Learning to drive again”

  1. jane Says:

    for the gas cap issue – I think most cars now have a little arrow next to the little gas pump icon on the dashboard, that points to the side where the gas cap is. especially helpful when driving a new/rental/borrowed car!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Jane is right and all cars that I’ve come into contact with have that arrow. It’s intimidating to drive a new vehicle. Several times in rental cars, I haven’t known how to turn on the windshield wipers (or headlights!). I get horrible cabin fever too.