I do not have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but man oh man today was as gray as all getout and the sun set before I got home from Cubelandia so, with the cloud cover, it was effectively dark when I got home. I had my headlights on and I am still figgering out how Mooon Yooonit’s headlights work… And the intermittent veeeendsheeeeld vipers.

The Planet Ann Arbor latitude is 42-something. It is below 45, which is at Gaylord Michigan. We get short days in the winter but they are nothing like the short days in the northern Norway city of Tromso. Tromso is at 69 degrees latitude. It mostly stays dark in the winter. But they deal with it by getting out into it.

That’s kind of what I do here. I walk in the morning dark and when the skies are clear at this season I can see Ursa Major/Minor and Orion in the sky. So beautiful. Inside I do not light my little house up with lots of bright incandescent lights. I prefer strings of LED lights and maybe a faaaar.

This is kind of hard to explain but I like to live with the light that’s available at my latitude and as much as I miss the late night summer sun, the dark is beautiful in its own way and it doesn’t make me SAD.

2 Responses to “Graaaaaaayyyyyy”

  1. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    You got me curious so I looked up the latitude of where we live on Harstine Is., WA and it’s 47.2303°. It’s been gray (and dark) here, too, but it sure doesn’t bother me as much as it did when I worked. It was hard to even notice any daylight then. I believe I did have SAD, but I certainly don’t these days! And we also don’t get a fraction of the snow or frigid temperatures that you guys do.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Interesting! It’s gray here today. I’m reading(and loving) a book with a main character from Tromso. I’d never heard of the place before! I didn’t realize how far north we were until a few years ago. I sit at 47 like Tonya! 🙂