Stepped jigger

And here I’ve been calling it a pyramid peg measure. No wonder I couldn’t find it. A beach urchin managed to find a few things close to my beloved stepped jigger and I used some of the terms that showed up on her found items and googled a bit further and there. On. Etsy. I found MY jigger. The same jigger that my parents used as long as I can remember. I snapped it up immediately and I am hoping to find more of those jiggers so I can gift them to my daughters and nieces.

We had a window seat at the Oscar Tango tonight. It is the eve of the Umich-Michigan State football game. The weather is not expected to be wonderful. Sunny but cold. I am not crazy about this weather. I reeeealllly want the snow to melt and it kind of isn’t doing that. Think intermittently icy sidewalks. Not my fave. As for the football game? I have a complicated relationship with Umich and MSU but at the bottom of my heart I am a home team fan and I live on The Planet Ann Arbor so I am always for maize and blue (uMich). On the other hand, I could not care less about football.

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