Iceola Crapola

This is November. This is the Great Lake State. The Great Lake State gets snow in November. We got 11 inches of snow last Monday. That is six days ago. I’m not entirely sure that it was 11 inches but there was plenty of snow. It did not melt the next day. Or the next day. Or the next. Or… Finally. Today. The temperature rose (for a few minutes) up to something like 36 degrees. The sheet of ice that has covered our street for the last six days finally started to get a little soft and melt. A bit. It is probably below freezing again by now so all of that mushy crapola out there will be ice again by morning.

It’s okay. The main roads are fine and I’ll be driving Mooon Yooonit again this week, continuing to learn her sneaky little AI tricks. I figgered out how to turn off the “stay in your lane” beeper a couple days ago. If I go outside my lane, I am doing it for a goddamn good reason and don’t need a beeper to harass me. I still don’t know how to make the rear veeeeendshield viper spray but I’ll get there. It has plenty of gasoline for the time being so I don’t have to figger that out right away. Don’t tell anyone but I figgered out how to change the “mode” from “eco” to “sport”. I haven’t switched it yet but I’m thinking about it. I don’t drive it like a race car in any way shape or form but I hate the accelerator hesitation that I think the “eco” mode enforces. That makes me miss my manual tranny, which I also don’t drive like a race car.

Another Sunday chicken dinner here at the Landfill. With a faaaar and a couple of fun guests. Rice and salad and baked brie w/ crackers and Halloween candy to go.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Brrrr! I’m glad that you’re getting the hang of the new vehicle. It sounds like you’ll need to drive it a lot this winter.