Black Flies Words matter

Beware because this is a rant. It’s somewhat political but not entirely. Just saying if you don’t want to read my rant, look at the purty li’l pitcher and move along.

“Quid pro quo” has been bugging the crapola outta me for a while now. Do we know what it means? It’s Latin. I had three years of Latin in high school. Even after all the talk about “quid pro quo” in the last couple months (is it really *months*?), I have a pretty fuzzy idea about what it means. It isn’t a phrase that anyone (that I know of) has defined and associated in any meaningful way to the Orange Baboon’s dealings in Ukraine. Well yeah a friend of mine said, “tit for tat”. I was looking for something more specific. “Quid pro quo” isn’t English and “tit for tat” I suppose uses English words. But “tat”? Last I looked, that was a lace-making technique. And “tit”… Well, what comes second to mind is a bird species or two and I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what comes to mind first.

We need to use words that most people in the country know and can be applied to the actual issue. With Twitter’s light-speed dissemination of any old garbage, any new word/phrase someone vomits up in a spew of Word Salad spins very quickly out of control to the point that we lose the focus of what the issue is and both “sides” are using the word to denigrate the other. So let’s try to pinpoint the correct words for what the Orange Baboon is being accused of and if it’s bribery (for example), let’s examine whether or not he has engaged in that.

None of this means that I in any way shape or form support the OB. For ANYTHING! I have NEVER held a high opinion of Trump. This goes back decades before he got “elected” president. Back in those days it was more disinterest than dislike. I mean, what the heck do I care about a “billionaire” slum-lord real estate “tycoon” turned reality TV “star”? There are plenty of slimy characters like Trump in the world but I think most of them have the brain power to know not to get into politics. Except from the back room. And that’s awful too but out of scope for today.

I could ignore him back then. I cannot ignore him now.

Within scope for today is that I am just sick and tired of people thoughtlessly using words that they may or may not understand and the whole social media universe mindlessly “sharing” these words without looking up what they mean or using critical thinking skills to associate them with a particular act or situation.

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “Black Flies Words matter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Due to taking my teacher tests every year, in particular the ones about sexual harassment, I know exactly what “quid pro quo” means. However, many people probably aren’t familiar with the term. T. was always kind of a joke(to me), and now that we’ve elected him as our president, we are the joke. Or perhaps the punch line?