Not Mooon Yooonit

I don’t have a pic of the late model SUV-type thingy that parked in front of The Landfill this afternoon but it startled the heck out of me. I thought that Mooon Yooonit was home. Yikes! I had xmas-y type “surprises” for the GG right out in plain sight in the Landfill front room! I moved those PDQ and then I got to looking at the vee-hickle and one thing I could tell for sure was that the color was NOT Lunar Rock. Nope. Uh-uh. Still, I wondered, is this a RAV4 or what? If this vee-hickle had been at a laundromat, I’d’ve probably tried to put my laundry into it. I had to look up a pic of Mooon Yooonit from its landing at the moomincabin last summer to determine that it was NOT a RAV4. If nothing else, the hubcaps were different. The mean old grunchy old grinchy is right. They all look like jeeps nowadays.

For the first time ever, I submitted a couple of words to the Lake State banned words list. My words? “Woke” and “quid pro quo”. I wrote about quid pro quo a few days ago. I have nothing against the phrase in general, I just don’t like how it gets bandied about by people who don’t know Latin to describe a situation that needs much more specific language. “Woke”? This one just annoys me. It seems to be slang for being alert to social injustice. Well. Why do we need a special word for that? Shouldn’t we all be alert to social injustice *anyway*? Yes. Yes, we should. We don’t need a special word.

I am reading two books right now and one of them is in *paperback* format, which is kind of driving me nuts. I read almost everything on my phone these days and a couple times I caught myself touching a word to try to look it up. Nope. That doesn’t work with a paperback book. Also, I need LIGHT to read this book… I could not get this book online. I’m reading it anyway.

The pic is a bear paw print the GG and his friends encountered yesterday. It kinda almost looks like it has six digits but I think that sixth circle is some other kind of artifact. I am not sure why I am so fascinated by polydactyly.

One Response to “Not Mooon Yooonit”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am very familiar with the term quid pro quo after taking the teacher sexual harassment tests every year. I got sick of the words there too.