Gitchee Gumeo

These pieces of art are what I look at every afternoon when I’m standing in the Landfill Chitchen doing my blahg or whatever. The clay pieces were created by a beach urchin back in an elementary school art class. The fishy was made by a Lake Superior beachcomber artist based in Duluth that I follow on Instagram. I remember picking up beach glass on our moomincabin beach when I was a kid but not so much these days…

The GG came home from various perambulations today and I was sitting on the Green Couch reading a book. He thought I had been sitting there all morning reading. What? Nope. I had just sat down after spending the morning jumping around doing prep for our small Thanksgiving.

I am suddenly getting emails from “BlabberBuzz Conservative”. I am not sure why. Maybe some troll has given them my email address? It’s all about Make Christmas Great Again and purveys tshirts and things with The Orange Baboon’s grinning face next to Christmas trees and whatever. Nope. I grew up celebrating Christmas and still do albeit in a secular way. The colors were red and green and gold and silver, not orange.

One Response to “Gitchee Gumeo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Blabberbuzz? I think I used to get one present from “Santa” which was pretty silly because I knew who was giving me gifts from a very early age. I was a rather cynical child. 😉