Famous last words

Oh, day before Thanksgiving. Coffee at Barry’s with MMCB1 and Barry’s was SLAMMED! Day before Tday and no school, I guess. I can’t figger what else. Then a quick stop at Meijer on the way to work for a few non-perishables (i.e., things that could survive a few hours in Mooon Yooonit).

Late to work? Sshh, don’t tell. But. Absolutely NOBODY on my team was at Cubelandia today. Some were probably telecommuting but I had no need to interface with them and Amazon Woman was planning to come in for a bit in the afternoon to help Building Mom put up an xmas tree. I was NOT productive today and finally bagged out at about 11:30 (I had put in for the afternoon off anyway). Went to Plum Market for the *rest* of the Tday supplies and NAILED my list, or so I thought. I told my fave cashier Joyce I hoped I wouldn’t be back later and as soon as I got home, I realized I had not purchased prepared lasagna for tonight, as I had planned. I had a good afternoon of pre-tday cooking ahead of me and did NOT want to add dinner into the mix.

So, got home and spent a few hours of blissful spacification in the Landfill Chitchen. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, hollandaise sauce, chex mix, and a couple of veg prep chores for tomorrow. Five minutes after I “sat down”, the GG arrived followed in short order by the beach urchin who is spending the night. The GG left to buy gas for the generator in case we need it (VERY WINDY!) and Lizard and I walked over to the Plum AGAIN to get something for dinner and a few other things.

Oh yeah, I did NOT get lasagna. Why? Because the Plum’s prepared lasagna is made with *turkey* sausage and when I suggested it to the GG, I made the mistake of calling it “Turkey Lasagna”. He focused on the word “turkey”. “Well, aren’t we eating that tomorrow?” Yes (you are cooking it on the grill, roight?). But. Lasagna tastes like lasagna pretty much no matter what you put into it. It is the antithesis to turkey even if it contains turkey. I bought a couple of burritos instead. They have chicken in them. I hope that’s okay.

And so, I have a few dishioshios to wash and a few things to do tomorrow but I am in a good place in terms of being prepared for a mini-feast for a mini-crowd. In general, I don’t like to have to do major work in the chitchen on holidays. I like to do as much as I can ahead of time and I think I am pretty okay. My table is not set yet, like MMCB1‘s is.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you got a lot done. I like to do as much ahead of time as possible too. I’ve only hosted Thanksgiving once though. It’s a LOT of work. (and dishes!)