Gobbling cylinders and Cheerios

Okay, this was just about the laziest Turkey Day I’ve spent since one year back in the Jurassic Age when I had a Man Cold. That year I had a good reason to sit on my you-know-what most of the day. This year not so much. I was finishing a book. Ursula, Under. My 91st book this year. Nine more. Think I’ll make it?

Highlights? If you can call them that. We exchanged the usual gobble gobble audio file with family and friends. That led to reminiscing about a certain scary story. About a cylinder. In the case of the scary story, the mere mention of the word “cylinder” set a bunch of beach urchins to screaming and the rest of the story was lost. But rumor has it that there *is* a “cylinder” out in the bay somewhere in front of the old Doelle house. It used to spook my brother but I’ve never found it. Actually I’m a little spooked by it too and if I am solo kayaking, I kind of don’t look down when I’m in that area.

And that led me to The Cheerio. The Cheerio was not exactly cylindrical but it was a round concrete type artifact that lived in the water in front of the Old Cabin. It was between the shore and the first sand bar and when my cousins and I were like five years old, we used to play on it. Playing on The Cheerio to my best memory meant standing in a circle around it.

Do I really remember this or am I crazy? I think I remember it. The Cheerio disappeared for a long time and then a couple years ago, what looked like a portion of it suddenly appeared on the beach, a quarter piece of it or so. I was talking to a Piedy friend at the time and I took one look and yelled, “The Cheerio!” She looked at me like I was nuts and gave me her signature “Get out!” Apparently she didn’t remember it.

That’s about all y’all are gonna get outta me. I am dead taaaared and better rack it up before I get the dreaded second wind.

2 Responses to “Gobbling cylinders and Cheerios”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lazy days are good! I love those free ranging conversations that meander from one topic to another.

  2. Jay Says:

    I remember the cheerio!