Trapoisal Bull

I rilly don’t even have a pitcher today. I got a bit of the dreaded Second Wind when I went to bed last night. It was waaaaay too late to watch the Green Acres re-run. Nevertheless, when I did get to sleep, it was sweet sleep except for a few horrible shoreline dreams. All I can remember is that both my parents were alive and for some reason, mom and I had to ascend/descend a vertical three-story snow-covered ladder on foot before we could get back in the car and cross the Big Mac (which was misshapen in a way I can’t remember) into the yooperland and then after all that there was major confusion about where various cars and people were and nobody’s phone was working. And then… I WOKE UP!!! YAY!

Despite all that, I felt WONDERFUL this morning and got up early enough to take my entire walk before sunrise. I managed to find my balaclava and other outdoor gear without turning on any lights other than my iPhone flashlight. The Landfill has only a couple of private bedrooms so lights are liable to disturb anyone sleeping in the back room. When I returned, the house was still silent and relatively dark, so I grabbed my laptop and sat on the Green Couch until the folks in the back room began to stir. It was only then that I got into the chitchen and started to rock and roll on finishing up the few dishioshios remaining from yesterday.

We hit up the Griz for lunch. Tammy was on Janel’s side today and she is a sweet server, calling me Ms. Anne. That’s not a name I would want just anybody to call me but it was fine from Tammy. I had a moment of 21st century reality today when I went to use the “ladies powder room”. As long as I have been going to the Griz for lunch on Janel’s side, I walk back to the bathrooms and turn left to go into the side labeled “Women”. If the door is locked (it’s a single stall), I wait. I did that today and a… MAN… walked out. I was not freaked out at all. He looked totally benign. He smiled and I smiled back and went in to do my bizness. I said something to Lizard Breath about it and she replied that those restrooms are now labeled “Restroom”, without specifying a sex/gender. Okay then. I had not noticed the change in signage. It is okay with me, just wasn’t expected. I wondered aloud if there was a urinal in the room formerly labeled “Men” across the way. Not, according to Trapoisal Bull (as he is apparently now calling himself).

The beach urchins trundled off to their homes and we chilled out a bit until it was time to porterize ourselves. We did something a bit different tonight and Trapoisal Bull drove us all out to Dexter’s Pub. During the period that my dad was incarcerated in the Henry Ford Hoosegow, we would often drive out there for dinner after I returned from yet another looooong day down in Dee-troit helplessly watching him decline. Sometime after that, I fell into my job at Cubelandia and we started walking to the downtown Planet Ann Arbor for dinner instead. We still occasionally go out to Dexter’s Pub to eat chili at the bar for lunch. For various reasons we decided Dexter would be a good choice for dinner tonight and it was and McLean (not sure of spelling) was our attentive albeit long-suffering young server.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I realized after reading your first sentence that my blog posts have become very dependent on pictures. It seems like I used to just write! Ah, well. It sounds like an excellent day! Mine was relatively boring with a run (ankle still iffy), a walk, vacuuming and dusting(I was bored) and watching part of the UW Husky game. Yay, DAWGS! Otherwise, not a very eventful Friday.