Four hours with Mr. Bear

Almost 12 years ago when I was first working at Cubelandia, I dragged myself over there because I had something I had to finish and I have a work ethic that knocks me upside the head sometimes. It turned out that I didn’t really have to be there and when the LSCHP saw me there and knowing I had a Man Cold, he boomed out, “GO HOME!” And I did. With that cold, I also didn’t feel all that well, which usually indicates a low-grade fever. It’s okay. I recovered.

Today, almost 12 years later… Well. Lots of folks at work have had this Man Cold. FZ has actually worked from home all week, which is unusual for him but he is a short-timer so maybe he is just kinda dun dun dun. I dunno if I picked up my cold from work folks or the beach urchin who had a Man Cold on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter and I don’t even know if my current cold will turn into a Man Cold or not. But.

Amazon Woman told me at least three times today to GO HOME. She doesn’t boom stuff like that out like the LSCHP did but I got it. Two problems… 1) I don’t feel unwell except for being congested. 2) If I work from home, The Pensioner is likely to provide umpteen gazillion weather reports that I don’t really need. In other words, “I married you for better or worse but not for weather reports.” Or lunch…

The LSCHP was a wonderful boss and when they laid him off I felt like I was losing my father. But Amazon Woman maybe even tops him. But that’d be a whole ‘nother entry.

And then there was my first job at “Your Tempo Store” up in Sault Ste. Siberia. I am not good at job interviews but Mr. Drysdale ran the store and he was one of my dad’s buddies and so he gave me a shot. However, it was Mr. H who called me up to tell me I had a job and asked if I could come to work the next morning. Problem. I was sick as a dog. I said that but I also sucked it up and went into my first day at my first job the next morning. Mr. H obviously saw that I was sick and didn’t schedule me again until a couple days later, by which time I was healthy again.

I ended up rocking that job and became friends with so many of the folks who worked there, including the managers. I was a cashier and I LOVED doing that. Cashiers deserve much more money than they are paid.

We had a gorgeous sunset this afternoon but I was driving so I could not get a pic.

One Response to “Four hours with Mr. Bear”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Man colds are very common this time of year. I usually got the sickest in late September when I was still teaching. Now I’m not around very many people, plus I’m old, so it’s more difficult to get sick. I’m sure I will still manage it a few times this year!