Heart and Soul… da da da da da da….

I did not post audio of this loverly session anywhere on them thar intertubes. How do I explain it? Some background here. 1) Neither of these two people have any kind of serious musical background. 2) The Red Puano has probably not been tuned since something like 1960. 3) It is also a player puano and that part is broken somehow. 4) You can’t see in this pic but there is a goat hanging out over in the reading chair watching/listening to this.

We got porterized at the Oscar Tango tonight. When the GG arrived, both window booths were open but the two parties immediately ahead of him snagged both of them and all the other booths were taken too so we ate at the old table we used to always sit at for years.

As luck would have it, a couple of work friends ended up with one of the window tables. It was so much fun to run into them downtown even if they did steal our seats🐽 Midnight madness was happening downtown tonight but we didn’t end up participating in any of that, opting instead to porterize ourselves for a nightcap at the Landfill.

Of all things, JP got all interested in the “red box” aka the red puano. And yes, it is painted red. My mother-in-law’s fave color was red and she had it painted red back in the day. So JP and the GG spent a half hour or so playing “duets” on the Red Puano. It was absolutely hilarious but also beautiful and I *totally* enjoyed it.

Once upon a time I was a pretty good music snob. If you were out of tune or played wrong notes or couldn’t keep time, I would stick my stubby little nose as high up in the air as I could make it go. Somewhere along the line, I have changed my attitude. Music is for everyone and everyone who wants to make music should make music. If you are “properly trained”, fine. If not, so what. If you are totally untrained and ditzing around stumbling through heart and soul with a guy who is equally untrained and having a great time? I may laugh a bit but I am also on my knees in awe. Keep it up guys🧡🧡🧡

P.S. “Puano” was the word my first beach urchin used for “piano” when she was a new talker. I thought it was a wonderful word and rather than correcting her, I adopted it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Great photo and story! I agree with you about music.