Don’t change my form factor!

My dish pan frustration struck a nerve. I dunno why companies make the decisions they do to discontinue tried and true product form factors in favor of new-fangled stuff. It’s not like you can’t *get* good old Rubbermaid dish pans anywhere, it’s just that you can’t count on going to a full-service grokkery store and pick one up. I LOVE Ace Hardware but it isn’t on my beat. Well, actually it is, since I drive past it every evening commute. But at that time of day the last thing I want to do is hang a louie into a crowded shopping plaza and then try to hang ANOTHER louie back out on to Stadium. For a dish pan? Nope. I just wanna get home!

Anyway, I’m sure there are folks out there who want collapsible dish pans. I actually know one of them but it’s for a speshul purpose, not for a regular chitchen sink (aka MY SINK). I think it’s fine for a retailer to experiment with stocking “new technology” but I think comprehensive grocery stores should be careful about getting rid of “old technology”. Like Rubbermaid dish pans. Jeebus!

Productive day in a slow way. I slow-prepped enchilada stuff for tomorrow night (beach urchin and friend coming for dinner). I went to the Plum early in the day and hand-chopped/Cuisinarted/sauteed/etc. ingredients as I got them out of the bags. And cleaned up dishes as I went (in my new Rubbermaid dish pan), leaving them to dry. Reading Dead Astronauts in between…

The pic is a short tour of the Landfill Chitchen Sink with its new old-skool “sink solution”. The dish soap is from the Lyme Lounge. I normally buy bigger bottles of dish soap. To the right is my compost container. You are lucky that I dumped it and cleaned it this morning. To the left, next to the white sponge and just out of sight, is my melamime foam sponge, aka Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

In between all of this I let my fingers do the walking as I continued to purchase a few meaningful xmas gifts for the people in my life who have more than they need. I wanted to link to the old “let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages” ad but I cannot find it…

Oh and there is this, which I am posting without comment.

G’night. KW.

One Response to “Don’t change my form factor!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I couldn’t read the article, but I did notice the title. 😉 I don’t like hunting for things that I used to buy, but have now been “improved.” They are often problematic for the space or use that I need. When I taught, they kept changing the lesson plan books, and I hated the new style since it didn’t fit the way I’d been prepping for decades. Finally, I started making my own! You can’t really do that with a dish pan though.