So, do you have any pics of The Pensioner?

So asked boss woman today. This is not the best pic but it does show him in his natural element looking over the balcony at Our Neighborhood Steakhouse looking for, um, cleavage among the arriving customers below. That night (last Wednesday) was a bust (hee hee) because it is cold and dark here at this time of year and everyone is bundled up so this pic is actually staged. I kinda wanted to show the pic of him posing with a huuuge chainsaw p*n*s but that one is a while back.

Anyway, her reaction was that he didn’t look like she expected him to look. I’ll have to delve into that one a bit more. As it was, this was at the annual company holiday lunch and conversations were wide-ranging and ever-changing. I didn’t even manage to get a chance to say that he has a duplicate. But what got the conversation de-railed was the hat. “What does the hat say?” My friends, it says “Black Flies Matter”. *I* think the black flies matter hat is funny but I also understand what a knife edge we all deal with every day when it comes to language. I don’t have the answer to our current culture’s political/language issue but fortunately, my colleagues thought it was funny too. It’s Yooper humor.

This lunch followed one of the worst spec reviews I have ever experienced (but not the worst). Oh, don’t worry, I was not in trouble. It was just nutsy as all getout. The people who wanted the new functionality did not clearly explain what they wanted (and it isn’t their job exactly) and (of course) none of us could remember what the existing functionality was… And then… Our development guys got into a back and forth that none of us could understand. It was friendly but they were both dialing in and one of them was (I think) on a plane to India. I bet he was wishing he was watching a movie and I hope he gets his vacation.

I will sleep on this stuff and make some diagrams tomorrow and maybe we can move forward from there.

In the meantime, enchiladas (the Moosewood kind 🐸) are in the oven and we are listening to folk / Celtic fusion music, including the Cranberries. I miss the Cranberries so much 🧡. We used to rattle around the Great White North with teenagers in the POC, listening to the Cranberries…

One Response to “So, do you have any pics of The Pensioner?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think the GG might be cute. 🙂 I love enchiladas, but am not sure what the Moosewood kind are. Didn’t the Cranberries lady die a few years back? I like Celtic music, especially live.