Drivin’ in the snow (to the tune of Robin in the Rain)

My cube features a loverly view of the lunchroom, which means I can see outside just by looking to the left. So about 4:20 this afternoon, I looked to the left aaaannnndddd… It was snowing to beat the band. Only a few minutes before that, DYKD was leaving for the day and as I looked to the left and said good night to her, the weather was the same fugly gray it has been for most of the last month.

Here is a pic from on my way home on S. State. I was at a dead stop for a few minutes as my northbound lane crawled toward the Notorious State-Ellsworth Roundabout and southbound crawled down to Textile where there was apparently an accident. I dunno how long it took me to get home but it was a longer slodge than usual. And then I got up to this side of town and THERE WAS NO SNOW! (But now there is.) And so it begins.

Back in the day both beach urchins were in the same high school for a year and the senior drove the freshman to school every day in The Indefatigable. One morning there was a fairly significant amount of snow for this area, 3-4 inches or so. Enough to snarl traffic pretty dern well but not enough to close the schools. I was being a Moom that morning, which meant that I was *very* nervous about them driving although I knew it was important that they did. I did ask them to call me as soon as they got to school.

They didn’t call and they didn’t call and they didn’t call. I was imagining all kinds of horrible scenarios. Slammed into a school bus, wrapped around a telephone pole, you name it. I finally got into the POC or whatever and drove over to “follow” them. As I started to turn from Maple to Miller, it became immediately evident WHY I hadn’t heard from the beach urchins. Traffic was backed up ALL THE WAY FROM DOWNTOWN (where school was) TO N. MAPLE (the street I was turning off of). Ain’t nobody going nowhere, at least not fast enough to get into anything more than a minor fender bender, which they DIDN’T. Jeebus, Moom.

Robin in the Rain? I didn’t quite realize it was a Raffi tune until now but here it is. I think it was the GG who first started singing it to our beach urchin when she was a very small child. She liked it at first but very quickly soured on it. I’m not sure it was so much the song itself. I think it was more like we sang it a bit too often and she felt it as a form of teasing. I am sorry 🐽.

Er, I am not a songwriter so I don’t have the rest of the lyrics to Drivin’ in the Snow but that might be a fun writing prodject for me one o’ these days.

One Response to “Drivin’ in the snow (to the tune of Robin in the Rain)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You can probably imagine what any snow does to driving out here. I hate the thought of my kids driving in snow/ice even now. (and they both live in places that get those conditions fairly frequently)