1st world problems

Oh where is my checkbook? I was positive that I had some checks around. The paper kind that you have to write using a pen. I usually take a few checks up to the yooperland in the summer in case I need to pay the moomincabin’s share of something, like road repairs, to people who do not use Venmo and probably won’t ever use Venmo. Which is okay! I have known about Venmo for a while now but have only recently acquired it, so send me money 🐽 (just kidding).

Nowadays I write checks something like 2-5 times a year and two of those are to pay property taxes to Bay Mills Township in the yooperland. They have a decent informational website but they do not have an online payment system. If I were a rich, snooty “southerner” (I mean southern Michigander), I suppose I might put my snooty little nose up in the air and sniff about that. But, lemme see… I am a southern Michigander, albeit not a rich one. I am also a yooper! I *get* why Bay Mills does not have an online payment system and it is fine with me. It is a very small township, at least when you compare it to the entity that I pay my property taxes to down here on The Planet Ann Arbor. When you email the Bay Mills treasurer*, you *get* the Bay Mills treasurer, not some bot or whatever.

So I am happy to mail in my tax check a couple times a year. But. Where is my checkbook? The GG found one but I was really surprised there weren’t more around. Do I really have to order more checks? Maybe there is some high-tech way of issuing a check (from me, not via my bank) these days? (If there is, it could well be my company that provides the technology…)

Anyway, I have a check. I will write a check. And mail it. And I guess I will order more checks.

*I had to email the Bay Mills treasurer a couple years after The Commander left the building because, after a couple years of receiving tax bills here at my Planet Ann Arbor address, I did not receive one. Because I am meeeee, I knew when to expect the tax bills, so I knew I had missed one. I emailed the treasurer to try to figger out why I didn’t receive it. She didn’t know but she told me what we owed and of course I PAID IT ON TIME because we sure wouldn’t want “the state” to take property that my grandfather bought back in the early 1920s away from us, would we? 🐸 It turned out that the township treasurer may be responsible for getting the bills in the mail but it is a county office that manages the address list. I paid that county office a friendly personal visit the next summer. After a transfer of the moomincabin property within the family they, for reasons I cannot fathom, changed the address on our property tax bill to my mother’s house in *town*. The house that I had sold a couple years before. After she died. Since I am not exactly sure how the address got changed from The Landfill to the Dillon House in the first place, I asked that they not change it again without contacting me.

G’night. KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Property tax time is expensive around here with my two houses. Ugh. I’m writing fewer checks but still pay some bills that way.