Blue Condition

But not mood 🐸 Oh, and not related to uMich Go Blue! 😬

I was gonna take a pic of my dining table, which is piled high with boxes and bags from Amazon Prime and other sellers. Some are xmas gifts, others are mundane household supplies that I can’t seem to reliably find without shopping at two or three stores. I struggle with the conundrum of whether I am contributing less to my carbon footprint by driving around to different stores to find basic supplies or getting them delivered and then having to recycle all the packaging.

I do not have the answer. I don’t think anyone does.

I was about to Go Orange but let’s keep it Blue today. This pic shows what my white quartz counters look like with all the lights out except for the LED string underneath the shelf. The one I can control the color with via my phone. I almost always make it as blue as I can.

Back when I was a teenage-type beach urchin, some of my more sophisticated cousins were into what we called acid rock. Even though I was a serious classical flute player at that time, I loved all kinds of rock music including acid rock. Two of my acid rock faves were Jimi Hendrix and Cream. I wish I could say I was a Lizzo prototype – a serious classical flute player who can meld genres.

But I can’t. I never got there. Oh, there was once, when I was an 8th grader demonstrating the flute to elementary students. I stood on the stage in the old (long gone) Sault High auditorium playing a riff I transcribed from the Amboy Dukes Journey to the Center of Your Mind. I sorta thought playing something from the acid rock genre might grab some attention from the younger kids and actually it did at least for a couple of kids. I am gonna guess the mini-skirt helped too. My band director did not say a word…

2 Responses to “Blue Condition”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Besides the clarinet, I also played saxophone in Stage Band (jazzy/rocky) and for one song us sax players needed to also play the flute (they have the same fingerings!) My best friend Helen and I spent hours practicing, trying to get down the very different embouchure. I remember we had a BLAST playing Jethro Tull music, especially “Living in the Past.” No, we did not master the flute by any means, but for the purpose of that one song, we did A-OK.

  2. Margaret Says:

    The music department at my school would have interesting crossovers, like a violinist playing the national anthem, and rock music performed by unusual instruments. I loved it! I’m having about 100 packages arriving at my house from various people out of state–my daughter’s MIL in Iowa, Ashley herself, and Alison. And a few of my own! GO, BLUE! (in every way)