The Age of Aquarius

Lemme see…

I telecommuted this afternoon.

I cleaned out the freezer (more on that later).

I opened about a billion packages received in the last week or so (more on that later).

I walked over to Knight’s to get porterized for dinner.

I got there first and somehow managed to snag a seat at the bar (see pic)!

I was sitting there humming the old song “The Age of Aquarius” out loud but it was so loud at Knight’s that I doubt anyone heard me.

I am home now. One ‘hattan at Knights and a small night cap here at home.

Lots to do this weekend. Glad to be spacified.

G’night. KW

One Response to “The Age of Aquarius”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I got the song “Hair” stuck in my mind a few weeks ago. I was even acting it out. 🙂 None of my billion packages have arrived yet…