Eating out of the freezer

This is just the packages that arrived since Monday. There were others, boxed and unboxed. All are now unboxed, none are wrapped. I thought about wrapping them but decided to bag that for a bit. I really don’t want to wrap anything at all (wasteful) but somehow it feels funny to hand out unwrapped gifts on xmas morning.

I. Cleaned. Out. The. Freezer!!!! I’m trying to think how many times I’ve “cleaned out” the freezer since summer. Every single blasted other time, this ended up meaning I looked into the freezer, sifted through everything in there for maybe a total of 30 seconds, and proclaimed that I didn’t need to clean out the freezer. This weekend? I took EVERYTHING out.

I found… A frozen boneless chicken breast plus three baggies of cooked, chopped up boneless chicken breast. The next time I make enchiladas with chicken in them? I hope I remember that all that chicken is in there and not buy more. Like I did last Monday. Four(!) count’em baggies of frozen chicken bones. Why? Well, it’s complicated. We can put meat waste into our yard waste compost bins and I do. But. We don’t *put* the yard waste compost bins out every week so I freeze meat crapola until we *do* put them out. Except. I usually forget. And then the last day for yard waste pickup for the year was yesterday. The do-gooder in me wants to compost whatever I can but this time I put all four baggies of bones in the garbage and I am gonna move on.

I found a lot of other stuff too. I keep thinking we don’t have any food. Wrong. We could eat out of what’s in that freezer for a few weeks. Note that I am talking about the freezer in my side-by-side refrigimatator. We do not own (or need) a separate freezer.

Other bits of cleaning, shopping, and I got my Santa Claus collection out. Again, it is a static collection, mainly The Commander’s collection and some that she gave me. I am not actively collecting Santas.

One Response to “Eating out of the freezer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Tonya has a Santa collection too! I forget I already had milk, so now I have 3 half-gallons of it! I got rid of some long frozen bread and a few other ancient relics. If I’m not sure how long something has been in there, I throw it out.