Home and shoeered

First, I hope this gal doesn’t mind having her pic posted. I did not ask permission from either her or the pitcher-taker. She went with the GG to the yooperland to snowshow snowshoe this weekend. She’s lookin’ a bit like grandroobly here. Or maybe even Radical Betty. She usually favors her Grandma Sally.

Second, shoeered = showered. Shooering/showering is a good thing although the GG has spent the last two nights in the UU’s house, where he can definitely take a modern shower. Whatever.

I finished the book “The Yellow House” today. It is not fiction but it is a beautiful book that almost reads like fiction.

The Yellow House is about a large black family (12 children) in New Orleans. These folks live in a horrible low income neighborhood as children but there were lots of good times, as the narrator remembers. Hurricane Katrina scatters them. They live through the hurricane but their house does not.

What I liked was that in the end, the siblings and their extended family all seem to get along no matter what had happened to them.

I am not from a black New Orleans family but this family reminds me of a couple of my families. There is my birth fam’s generation of cousins at the moominbeach. And there’s the cFam. My mother-in-law had 10 children. They all get along and I have been blessed to be a part of both families.

2 Responses to “Home and shoeered”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think sometimes that big families get along better than small families. Perhaps there are more people to engage with and fewer family “politics” because no one has the time or energy for them. That’s a lot of snow!

  2. Isa Says: