Snow Show Shoe Shoo

I seem to be on a hiatus from the xword puzzle. I’m not sure why. Two facts… 1) A while back I expanded my puzzles from the NYT to a couple others, New Yorker and maybe Atlantic but I’m not sure about that one. 2) My 2018 iPhone X started giving me problems. It didn’t always respond to my touch and also sometimes it kinda did its own thing. When I noticed that the battery started to swell, I knew it was time for a fix or a new one…

And a new one it was. We were at the moominbeach so there was no Apple Store anywhere near us. We headed into Sault Ste. Siberia to the AT&T store to buy me a new phone and after an interesting experience where the clerk didn’t quiiiite take me seriously about buying a new phone and PAYING for it right then, we walked out with the only iPhone XS (same as my X) they had in the store. Even though the GG was on the same page as me (I thought), he took a nice long nap that afternoon. My wife just spent $1000… We fixed my iPhone X and gave it to someone struggling with an older model.

So, I guess I will get back to the xword one of these days. When I do, it’ll be wonderful because there’ll be soooo many xwords I haven’t done. I am intermittent with xwords. I used to buy paperback New York Times xwords books. When I was a 20-something, I was terrible at xwords and if I didn’t hide them at the moomincabin, my uncles Don and Duke would come by and fill in answers that I didn’t know and sometimes make snarky comments in the page margins. I loved them and I miss them. Later, I remember taking xword books on looooonnnnng trips to Fla with the beach urchins.

I was still bad at the xword in those days. I am better now. I can even usually do the Saturday. Uncle Don and Uncle Duke might be proud?

And we have this thing. ’tis the season.

One Response to “Snow Show Shoe Shoo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oooh, pretty! I’m not much good at crosswords, although I do love wordscapes.