Snoooowww Mode

It snowed a little bit overnight and although it had stopped snowing before I left for my 0-skunk-20 walk a little after six, the streets were still kind of messy when I left for coffee with MMCB1. There is a button for “snow” in Mooon Yooonit so I pressed it. What the heck. Aren’t those dashboard snowflakes purty?

I didn’t notice any difference in the driving at all but there was only a small accumulation of snow (1/2 to one inch, maybe) and I’m not sure that the “snow mode” was made for that kind of snow. By the time I drove to Barry’s and then Cubelandia, the driving was okay although there was various crapola of unknown slippery-ness partially covering most of the roads. Nobody was in a hurry and for once I was thankful that for the last third of the drive I was stuck in a line of 4-wheelers behind a huge gravel truck that was taking its sweet old time.

We xmas porterized ourselves tonight and we were talking about the “snow mode”. The GG reminded me of our loverly old Dogha (Dirty Old Green Honda Accord), which had a “traction control system” light. We bought it new in 2001 and I think it is still my favorite automotive vee-hickle EVER. That thing absolutely kicked *ss in snow driving and I remember the traction control light coming on when it encountered slippery conditions. I miss that vee-hickle soooo much sometimes.

As we were driving home from xmas porterization, the [insert I-word here] votes were still being counted. As we are a house divided, we were pretty silent. A few minutes ago I got a news alert about the results. I have mixed feelings. I do not like Trump, not one little bit. I think he is a terrible person *and* president. In particular, I hate his way of trying to solve complex problems by sledgehammer. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I did not like him when he was a sleazy real-estate developer (and donating money to “Democrat” candidates, yes). I did not like him when he was a smarmy reality show star (and probably *still* donating money to “Democrat” candidates). But I could ignore him or laugh at his ridiculous antics or whatever. I can’t do that when he is president of our country and I am particularly annoyed when people compare him to the symbol that Jesus Christ has become. C’mon… Better than impeachment would be for voters to come out against him in 2020 but maybe this will send him a message. We’ll see.

2 Responses to “Snoooowww Mode”

  1. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    Except that I think it’s a foregone conclusion that he (and his buddy Vlad) will absolutely subvert the 2020 election.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think Tonya is right, and I’m sickened by what has been normalized and accepted by those who support Trump, as well as disgusted by his constant bullying, lies and incompetence.