The cake is a lie

Today a bunch of us Cubelandians met up with the LSCHP (beloved old Cubelandia boss) for lunch! It was fun. It was also kinda funny. I said to Amazon Woman that this luncheon almost seemed more populated than our official company lunch (with seven attending, it was two fewer than the company lunch). But the LSCHP takes up a lot of space in more than one way and he was in Fine Form today. It was so fun to hear him telling his video gaming stories again (even though I usually don’t understand them 🐽). I’ll never forget being at a restaurant with him many moons ago. He was talking (loudly, as he does) about jumping over garbage cans and things. The visual of the LSCHP jumping over a garbage can is, well, interesting, and people at nearby tables were looking at him like “What?” Of course he was describing a video game. We’ve gone on without him but we miss him a lot. But he is doing very well, thank you very much! A professional day job, a fun side *teaching* gig, and rabbinical duties as always.

The lunch was fun but I couldda done without the near collision in the Notorious State Ellsworth roundabout on the way there. FZ was riding along with me. Partly to carpool but also he has the hybrid version of our Mooon Yooonit and was curious about the dashboard, etc. in mine. We agreed that the person who tried to kill us was in the wrong. I personally think the other driver was going too fast. 15 mph tops in those things and SLOWER if there is a lot of traffic like this roundabout usually has.

I dredged some xmas “necklaces” outta the Landfill Dungeon last weekend. They were all out of battery. I could not be bothered with figgering out what batteries work in them, let alone schlep around town looking for them. So… I left the dead ones on the Green Couch and ordered four more from Amazon. They arrived a couple days before but I didn’t open them. When I got home from Cubelandia yesterday, the GG was picking at the dead ones on the Green Couch, thinking we might want to take them over to Planet Ann Arbor Porterland. Oooooh noooo. Those don’t work. But… I gave him the new pkg to open and we took *those* over to Planet Ann Arbor Porterland. We all wore them for our partay but we had to Indian Give two of them because we also need them for partays this weekend. They are cheap and I shouldda just bought a couple for the Porters too.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a great time at the partay, and the Cat Herder is quite a character! I see Santa Claus in your picture! 🙂