Underwear for xmas?

This is not at the Landfill and I have no idea what exactly is in that box. Lifetime supply of underwear? Probably not.

The Commander used to send us stuff in all kinds of weird boxes so you never quiiiite knew what you were getting until you opened the box. And then there was the time I was at Campfire Girl camp in the yooperland and my dad sent me a letter. Hmmm… It was in a 1st National Bank envelope (he was the bank prez) on 1st National Bank stationery. A form letter to bank customers. I had a savings account there and I could NOT process it. Why am I getting a letter from the bank at my Campfire Girls camp? It wasn’t until I got home from camp that I figgered out that my dad had written me a nice handwritten letter on the back of a form letter. The original recycler…

Somehow I have enough paid time off to take next week off. I’m not exactly sure what to do with all that time at this time of year but I know I will use the next four days getting ready for our small xmas celebration. I have wrapping and pre-cooking to do. And tomorrow I need to HOP TO IT! It’s the cFam xmas party and I have accepted a mission to make veggie lasagna. I made the sauce last weekend and it is thawed now. I have to buy the other ingredients, assemble it, and bake it tomorrow.

It was very quiet at Cubelandia today with Amazon Woman and I the only members of our team in the office. She wanted to leave early (whatever that means) and kicked me out too. I’m trying to remember which one of us got out first. I think I waved at her from Mooon Yooonit. And then we porterized at the Griz. No nightcap though. Everyone has too much to do tomorrow.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Vacation! Ashley just made veggie lasagna tonight!