Sol on the solstice

I am usually a bit of a wreck during the xmas holiday season. It’s partly the general stress level although that isn’t all that bad for me these days. It is the weather that bugs me. People are driving/flying all over the place and the weather can SUCK around here at this time of year.

Today was the annual cFam xmas party and guess what Mr. Golden Sun decided to do on the winter solstice? Look at him shining in all his glory! I went outside sometime around noon to take this pic of him at about his southernmost point. And guess what else he did. He warmed us up! He melted most of the residual snow from last Tuesday morning’s mini-storm and today the roads were dry as a bone for everyone driving wherever they had to drive. No snow. No ice storms.

Partay? Wow. I just opened up a spreadsheet and typed in all the names I could think of who were there and I came up with 41. I spent quite a bit of time at the introvert table but eventually I loosened up a bit. A wee bit of whine but not toooo much. I felt like I deserved a bit of whine after enduring a morning of frenetic OCD crapola via the GG. Where the heck is your fidget spinner, buddy?

Hats off to my s-i-l the Lady of Linden for hosting *again*. The fam outgrew my humble little landfill-style home many moons ago. It would be standing room only with porta-potties in the back yard. Not only does my s-i-l usually host the big extended family party, she hosts other holiday events for her own branch of the fam, which features the Lord of Linden plus their five adult children and 11 grandchildren.

One Response to “Sol on the solstice”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I rarely host big parties unless it’s summer and people can be outside, although my house is probably big enough. They stress me out! Glad the weather has calmed down there. We’re getting rain…and more rain.